Solution Focused Coaching

By Andy Gilbert & Ian Chakravorty


Coaching - made easy


Imagine knowing the right question to ask, at exactly the right moment, in order to help others to think in a solution focused way and achieve greater results. Imagine mastering a coaching framework that enables you to help yourself, your team and organisation to make differences that matter.

ThinkOn® is the widely acclaimed and well researched thinking system of how successful people naturally make a difference. It is the “D.N.A.” framework of natural success.


This book will help you to:

  • Discover how easy coaching can be
  • Design & ask high quality questions
  • Structure your coaching conversations to guide others towards make a difference
  • Apply key success principles
  • Achieve the difference you want to make

It contains:

  • Over 300 powerful coaching questions
  • Templates of coaching structures
  • Practical, easy to read, case-studies
  • Self-coaching questionnaires & assessments
  • Over 170 useful tips to consider when coaching



"ThinkOn has given my global team a framework for their thinking, which has enabled them to achieve greater results."

- Ron Reeves, Director of Global Business Development, Amec Oil & Gas



"The Go MAD Thinking system provides a framework for helping people to think in a structured, yet flexible way to enhance personal and business performance. Whether you are new to coaching or wishing to expand your skill, you will gain so much from applying the content of this practical book."

- Roger Draper, Chief Executive, Sport England


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