Vision & Values


"To help 100 million people have ‘Light Bulb Moments’ by 18th May 2023."


  • Our mission – To build partnerships with people and organisations who are passionate about helping people to succeed and make a positive difference.
  • Our passion – Improving people’s lives in workplaces, homes and communities by spreading and embedding the use of solution focused thinking.
  • Why is this important to the world? – We believe that the quality of people’s thinking determines their actions, results and wellbeing. We can develop and enable people (organisations, teams and individuals) to think more effectively to achieve the results they want more easily and more quickly.
  • Our primary question – How could we spread and embed the ThinkOn® System wider, faster and easier?
  • Our values – challenging, results focused, inspiring, straightforward, passionate.


Of course anybody can come up with what seems to be nice and honourable values to live by, but here is how we live them:

  • Challenging – We challenge ourselves and our partners to improve performance, to go beyond being good and to aspire to being great. We confront issues appropriately and are open to being challenged.
  • Results focused – We focus on solutions and role model applying the ThinkOn® Results Framework to help ourselves, our clients and our partners achieve greater success.
  • Inspiring – We inspire people to have the courage to go for it, push the boundaries and take personal responsibility.
  • Straightforward – We provide simple and clear explanations, take responsibility for our work and are easy to work with.
  • Passionate – We are passionate about making a difference and the work we do to help people and organisations accelerate results and enable change.


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