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If you have the time and would like to discover more about how it all started in 1997, our company passion statement, the 14 month phenomenological research study that underpins our work, an overview of the ThinkOn® Results Framework, plus a bit about Andy Gilbert, Founding Director, and what makes him tick, then please take a look at the TEDx talk he gave, entitled “The Art of Making A Difference”.



The original study included over 4,000 hours of interviews and desk research as we sought to discover and explain in the simplest possible way, the key success principles that people naturally apply when making a difference (M.A.D.).  This lead to the development of a results framework and a practical set of tools that anyone can easily learn and consciously apply to increase their probability of success – from an 8 year old child listening to the story of “Gilbert Filbert & His Big MAD Box” to Alan, a retired University Lecturer of 82 attending a Results Accelerator Programme in order to achieve his dream of bringing the TEDx franchise to his home city and hosting an inspirational day for 500 people in his community.

The Go M.A.D. and ThinkOn range of development materials and business improvement programmes were developed to help organisations improve their productivity and effectiveness by transforming the way people think and engage in the workplace.  Our practical, solution focused methodology is now being used by leading organisations in over 40 countries and our podcast series “Thinking for Business Success” has been downloaded by over 1 million people. 

In 2017 we created our new vision – "to help 100 million people have 'Light Bulb Moments' by 18th May 2023" (Andy's 60th birthday!).  Our passion remains the same – to improve people’s lives in workplaces, homes and communities by spreading and embedding the use of solution focused thinking. 

Why is this important to the world? Well, we believe that the quality of people’s thinking determines their actions, results and wellbeing. So by developing and enabling people (in organisations, teams and communities) to think more effectively they will achieve and contribute better results quicker and more easily.

Our mission is to build partnerships with people and organisations who are passionate about helping people succeed and make a positive difference.  So, if you share this passion then please give us a call and let’s start building!


Keep making a difference.
Andy Gilbert


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