All our Results Acceleration Programmes (RAPs) are designed to provide measurable business outcomes as well as creating sustainable change in the capability of participants. After 20 years of developing the robust and practical ThinkOn® methodology and running these programmes we are happy to offer clients a guarantee for agreed outcomes, as we have a track record of helping clients deliver extraordinary results.

We can invoice 50% up front with the remaining 50% not invoiced until the value of the business impact equals 500% return on programme investment.

There is no catch, but we do ask that clients follow a process, so we can ensure that you receive the outcome that you want.


What is the programme designed to do?

The Results Acceleration Programme is an innovative way for organisations to achieve high impact business results through people development. The guaranteed impact and payment on results de-risks the intervention financially for organisations.

12-15 participants undergo a 6 month programme focused on delivering business impact and ROI. Participants acquire the ThinkOn® toolkit and apply it to a range of sponsored business challenges. Progress is reviewed regularly to maintain focus, assess learning, redefine goals and celebrate success. The process typically sees new challenges set every 60-90 days.

The RAP enables organisations to develop, engage and empower individuals. The ThinkOn® toolkit can be applied to the day job as well as the sponsored challenges and as such delivers a much greater impact than just the business challenges. The approach will provide opportunities for cross-functional and cross-site collaboration to develop a wider understanding of the business as a whole and its challenges.


The business challenges can literally be anything that is significant to the business and typically organisations focus on:

  1. Costs savings; Units costs, Fixed costs, Variable costs, Acquisition costs, Service costs, Penalties/Fines, Admin costs, Management costs, Cost of sale, Development costs, Call length/Outcomes.
  2. Output increases; Production, Volume, Sales – Appointments/ Volumes/ Value, Items processes, Turnover – Numbers/ Value, Applications, Client/ Customer base.
  3. Time savings; Response times, Resolution times, Downtime, Overtime, Project completion, Processing time, Meeting time, Repair time, Turnaround.
  4. Quality improvements; Waste, Errors, Deviation of standards, Product defects, Product failures, Product recalls, Accidents, Claims, Complaints.


What scale of results can be expected?

This depends on how big a difference you want to make! The Results Acceleration Programme guarantees a minimum 500% return on investment and our commitment is to help you and your people identify ways to achieve at least this level of business impact.

Challenge teams on programmes often achieve outstanding results and previously we have increased efficiencies and profit of our clients by up to £70,833 p.a. per participant (case study available based on a 2-year RAP with 100+ participants) – request information for more details.

You choose which areas of the business you want to take action on, you choose the challenge sponsors and you choose which people to be participants on the programme.


How are the results measured?

Results are measured against the business challenges agreed at the scoping session. The participants are typically divided into 3-6 challenge teams with each taking responsibility for a business challenge. These are worked on over a 60 or 90-day period with total clarity agreed with their sponsor as to what represents success. The results against these agreed challenges represent performance against the programme.

There are often many other additional spin-off benefits gained for the organization as a whole, including positive impact on other projects, improved employee morale, engagement and customer/employee retention. Not all these are measured although some clients choose to and some can’t help but notice!


What is done to ensure that the results are delivered?

The Results Acceleration Programme has demonstrable evidence of exceeding 500% return on investment. The guarantee is provided with confidence. If, in the unlikely event, the required results are not obtained, we will continue to work with you until the benefit has been realized and will identify the appropriate solutions from:

  • Individual coaching for participants
  • Facilitation sessions for participants and sponsors
  • Providing additional development
  • Undertaking additional review sessions


If you are a Business Leader seeking to improve productivity or performance, accelerate results or engage your people, join us on a FREE Discovery Day.
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